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Monday, September 14, 2015

I am not normally a watch person, in fact I am the opposite. I am the modern-day 'check-your-phone-for-the-time' sort of person.

Even if I have a watch, I am most likely to forget to wear it.

However I have found out recently that my aversion to the classic time-telling-technology is not down to the purpose itself, but down to not having found the right fit for me.
So often I have tried on watches and they've been too heavy, too clunky, too full of charms, too patterned or even just too plain. I have yet to find the ideal me piece and at a budget that I can

At least that is until I discovered House of Florrie.

House of Florrie Watch
My House of Florrie Watch

For House of Florrie is a watch brand with a difference. They are beautiful, they are intricate, they are expensive looking, yet not pretentiously so. They are made with quality, with care and they, make you feel like they were made just for you. It's like a secret love-affair between woman and technology in a way that you feel you alone hold that precious secret that no one else can hear.

Inspired by the understated beauty and subtle hand finished detailing of the classic pocket watch, each design comes with a leather strap, with the option of interchangeable straps meaning you can create a myriad of looks dependent on the occasion. Additional straps are just £30 each meaning once you have purchased a House of Florrie piece it will be a buy that will just keep on giving.

Prices start at just £75, making it ideal as a special present for your Mother, Sister or Best friend, or even as an extra special treat for yourself.

This is a watch that is so much more than a watch. A watch that is packaged, made and worn with care, precision and love, and something you need in your wardrobe this Autumn.

House of Florrie Watch

Read more about House of Florrie here and visit their website here

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