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Monday, November 30, 2015

Working from home on Seen in the City, my own blog and my freelance projects requires a lot of motivation, something which would be a lot harder to muster without a relaxing and productive space to work. 

I like my space to be clean and light with my desk necessities to make it a comfortable and enjoyable place to sit and spend my day.

What I keep on my desk:

My favourite notebook: I like to keep my favourite baroque style notebook to hand at all times. Whilst I love using my computer, it's really useful being able to scribble down notes and 'to do' lists which I can cross and jot over as I work.

Hand Cream: With all the typing and writing I do, my hands often get dry during the day and I love having a nice hand cream nearby. Not only does it give your skin a boost but it also makes your space smell lovely!

Seen in the City postcard: If ever I get stressed or demotivated and think it's all getting too much, it is helpful to be able to see a physical reminder of just what I am working for. Being able to hold a physical piece of my branding which I have created from scratch makes me realize how far I have come and how I can't give up!

Nice stationary: I love paperchase for their selection of stationary, but any nice, matching pens, paper and folders instantly adds a pop of colour and homeliness to your space that can increase your motivation and make it a nice place to work.

Candles: When it gets to evening time, I adore lighting up a scented candle (yankee candles are my favourite!) Not only do they smell great but they have been shown to increase productivity and help to stimulate your mind.

Lip Balm: Similarly to the hand cream, I always like to keep a nice, soothing lip balm on hand for during the day

I wrote an article for the Huffington Post on my top tips for working from home, which you can read here

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