"Eat your Drink"- Alcohol-infused Sweet Store

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Being a child and entering is a sweetshop is a feeling unlike anything we can quite reciprocate as an adult. Staring at shelf after shelf of brightly coloured jars, packed full of tantalizing flavours, the sweet aromas in the air creating that spark of excitement, your fingers clutching your pocket money and wondering just which treat today will be worthy. 

Fast forward fifteen years and you begin to feel rather silly staring at a choice between Jelly Snakes or Toffee crumble in amid a crowd of knee-high fellow spectators. But this is where Smith and Sinclair’s eat your drink store comes in..
Imagine the nostalgic flavours and spells of all your favourite childhood treats but with a very grown up twist… This store claims to be the world’s first edible alcohol shop- yes, think cocktail-flavoured candy floss, alcoholic dib dabs and boozy fruit pastels.

The shop is situated in the ground floor of Benefit and is run by former PR Melanie Goldsmith and former Chef Emile Bernard.
Goldsmith said of the shop “Different scents will be pumped into different area. Samples will be given out that people can experience the sweets in every way- from sucking on them to licking them, to breathing them to chewing on them.”
The shop will stock products which are not available on their online store including candy floss jars to pour vodka into. “The vodka melts the candy floss” She continues “This flavours thealcohol and reveals edible alcoholic jewels.” These jars come in two flavours- black cherry and hibiscus, or beetroot and bubblegum. Alcoholic dib dabs in pina colada or mojito flavours and the fruit pastelles come in flavours such as gin, rum and whisky. 

Ms Goldsmith is convinced the success of the sweets is down to the taste. She said: “You get every other flavour first before the ethanol. The pastilles are coated in the flavour so you get a touch of grenadine or grapefruit but each sweet is 80 per cent alcohol and contains 0.4 units.”
The shop will be open at 10 Carnaby Street from November 18 until Christmas Eve. Smith & Sinclair’s alcoholic pastilles are available online at smithandsinclair.co.uk.

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