Hot Chocolate Christmas Jars

Monday, December 07, 2015

This year I wanted to send out some Christmas gifts to some of the brands I have worked with, but wasn’t sure what to send. I wanted it to be personal, festive but easy to create and something that wouldn’t break the bank. In the end I decided on a festive pack, which contains my media pack,  a Seen in the City postcard, a Seen in the City Christmas cookie and some hot chocolate jars. 

These were super easy to make and look great!

Here’s my step to step guide on how to create the jars.
What you’ll need.
Lidded jars (The size & quantity of these is completely up to you.) I purchased these from Hobby Craft.
Hot chocolate powder
Chocolate Sprinkles

1) Place about 3 tablespoons of Hot Chocolate into the jar

2) Add a tablespoon of sprinkles

3) Fill the remaining space with the mini marshmallows

4) Brand up the jar. I ordered Seen in the City stickers for this.

5) Perfect christmas gift sorted

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